Tutorial: Turn & Topstitch an Easy Vented (Split) Hem

How To Sew a Simple Vented Hem


While working on the pattern for this romper, I looked online for various vented hem or split hem tutorials.  I found a couple, but I was surprised that there were not more.  There are several ways to create a vented hem, including using a hem facing, a kind of funnel-hem dealie (hard to explain) or leaving tabs hanging off at the vent to fold in.  I personally find this to be simpler while still creating a very finished look. Continue reading Tutorial: Turn & Topstitch an Easy Vented (Split) Hem

The baby actually wearing the Irish linen romper

The baby in his romper
The baby in his romper

Got the baby into the Irish linen romper today, and it fits really pretty well for a baby romper in a woven.  It looks super-stylish even with the edits I’ll make, so I’m very happy about that. Continue reading The baby actually wearing the Irish linen romper

Irish Linen Romper (now with gusset)

I’ve gotten the knit version of this romper pattern pretty well nailed, I think, and I’ve been working on a woven version now. I know everybody thinks knits are scary and hard and wovens are so much easier, but man, stretch really can do wonders for you, especially on fat babies with funny shapes and enormous bottoms (and thighs.)

Continue reading Irish Linen Romper (now with gusset)

Spoonflower Bunnies Fabric

Spoonflower Bunnies Toss Fabric

I got my fat quarter of my bunnies toss fabric and it looks great!  I also just made a smaller version of the pattern that will eventually be for sale too.  Continue reading Spoonflower Bunnies Fabric


My older son likes (inexplicably) long lectures on topics that interest him.  He’s not so hot on school – even his super cool Montessori school – but he routinely wants me to talk for an hour about whatever.  The past few months he’s been interested in space, so I’ve started working on printouts for him to look at and me to refer to, since I am now required to be an expert in such subjects.

He can’t read yet, so he’s wholly dependent on us (mainly me) for information like this.  So this is designed to give either a parent or a much older kid a reasonably significant amount of data while providing younger kids cool pictures to look at.  I usually print these out and laminate them two-sided.

Jupiter Printable

More to come, I’d imagine.

Spoonflower Car & Camper

Been dying to do more with Spoonflower for years now, and I’m finally getting around to it.  Here’s a red car and teal camper based on a photo I took at an antiques fair a good while back.


Spoonflower Pomegranate

I did this one for the pomegranate contest.  I still have a lot to learn about how everything displays on Spoonflower – the zooms in particular are incredibly disappointing.  I really wish we had much more control over the zoom view; there is a ton of detail here that is impossible to really discern in the Spoonflower views, unfortunately.  And the design is large enough on the print that the details would certainly be visible on the fabric itself.  Frustrating.