Irish linen romper

Irish Linen Romper (now with gusset)

I’ve gotten the knit version of this romper pattern pretty well nailed, I think, and I’ve been working on a woven version now. I know everybody thinks knits are scary and hard and wovens are so much easier, but man, stretch really can do wonders for you, especially on fat babies with funny shapes and enormous bottoms (and thighs.)

I will grant you that knits can pucker if you sew them a little funny and it takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but the pucker is cured with a hot iron, and nothing is going to cure a too-small woven garment. Or if you cut it a little funny – those stripes will stay unmatched, whereas with a knit you can…cheat it a little.

Irish linen romper

Still working on it, but eventually the gestalt pattern will be the basis of a number of tutorials and hopefully actually releasing the pattern for free, but right now I’m still working out all the details.  This one has a crotch gusset (my first!) and I worked out a very simple way to have the vented hem work super-nicely based on the seam finish.

I didn’t quite get the gusset shape exactly right…I need more of a football and this was kind of a top-shape, with a pointed bit.  And I should have just started with a facing on the legs, rather than coming to that conclusion after trying to serge them.  If it wasn’t 95 degrees these days I’d just line the thing which would solve various problems but …it is, so I didn’t.

On the other hand, the buttonholes are excellent demonstrations of why I love my old Bernina 830 Record so much.

Never worked with Irish linen before and I looooooove it, despite it having a wiggly hand and being a woven.  We’ll see how the baby likes it; I think it’s soft enough for him…here’s hoping.

Irish linen romper front
The front, a little closer
Irish linen romper Detail 1
Buttons, buttonholes, pocket, and a bit of the facing

Irish Linen Romper Vented Hem
Vented (split) hem for fat legs

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