The baby in his romper

The baby actually wearing the Irish linen romper

The baby in his romper
The baby in his romper

Got the baby into the Irish linen romper today, and it fits really pretty well for a baby romper in a woven.  It looks super-stylish even with the edits I’ll make, so I’m very happy about that.

Things I will change, however:

  • The bodice can narrow in some – an inch or so should do it.  Too much more and it could be a struggle to get him in without some kind of extra closure system at the top, which would make no sense in this kind of garment.
  • The legs should be a little wider.  I always forget how much they close in.
  • I’m going to narrow the neckline a little bit too, and bring the back neckline up (and possibly the front down.) I’m really used to binding my necklines, where I don’t lose any seam allowance (if anything, I gain when I bind), so with a facing it’s very easy to wind up with a larger neckhole than I intend.
  • The gusset needs to be more football-shaped and less pointy.  Still, I’m surprised at how well the gusset worked out, even if it wasn’t perfect.
  • I could still use a little improvement on the inseams – I think I know how I am planning to do this next time, but I won’t be 100% sure till I get there.  This version, however, has the front inseam faced, which is fine. The back inseam (with the gusset) is serged and folded and hemmed that way, however, and the two combined methods are kind of messy. No one is ever to look at the facing I put on the front inseam, either, since it was 12:30 a.m. and it looks exactly that way.

Things I got right:

  • The vented hems are fantastic.  The method I used to handle them is so easy, and of course I didn’t take any pictures of it as I was going along.  I’ll do another romper this week and post a tutorial, I think.
  • The bodice facing is perfect – great weight, and for once I got it just the right width.
  • My old Bernina 830 Record can sew amazing buttonholes.
  • The basic shape and size is pretty on-target, despite my notes above.  The body is perhaps a tad long, but he does need room to grow at a year old, so I don’t really mind that.
The baby in his romper
He’s very pleased.


2 thoughts on “The baby actually wearing the Irish linen romper”

    1. Thank you! I’ve never worked with Irish linen before, and only minimally with regular linen. I like it tons, and it doesn’t seem to be too coarse for the baby, which was my only concern.

      I put up a page with a pinboard for good boy fabrics – I figure I spend enough money on it, I might as well keep track of them for other people :) – it’s here:

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