Little Wooden Village

Manta block print & Wee Wooden Village

Little Wooden Village

Ok so ever since I saw this pin I have been completely turgid over this village and I finally just bought it on Ebay.  Apparently the company no longer sells toys in the US.  I expected Señor Lights and Buttons Robot Man to disdain and was hoping the baby would evince some interest, so I was pretty happy when Jasper (oldest, big on things with wheels and noisy business) was into playing with it.  The baby was interested, but mainly in throwing the pieces on the floor or taking them off somewhere using his newfound walking abilities.

And I figured I would throw together a quick block print tutorial which I think I shall have finished tomorrow and which will add only a little bit of new information to what’s out there already, but – as far as I’m concerned, anyway – they seem to be somewhat critical pieces of information, especially when printing light ink on darker ground, and perhaps will help someone else who was having issues.

They are manta rays on blue linen (the blue didn’t photograph very well; I might try again tomorrow.  It’s a lot bluer than it looks right here.)  Jasper’s been into space with some sea thrown in lately – especially octopuses and manta rays – and I figured they’d make a cool print not to mention fast fast fast to cut a block.  I think it took me about 7 minutes to cut this block, including photographs and answering Jasper’s questions while doing it.

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