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Owl Lunch Bag & Pirate T-Shirt

Been busy working and making stuff, with not enough time left over to post the results here.  The woven romper pattern is still in the works and maybe I will just put up the knit version since that’s so much simpler for me.

In the meantime, I made Jasper a lunch bag based on this great tutorial at Lemon Squeezy Home.  It’s this Orange Woodgrain with a white flocked owl cut with my Silhouette on the outside (that I drew when we had a raptor presentation for his fourth birthday and I made a ton of t-shirts for the kids), and this fabric, which is supposed to be food safe and waterproof, as a lining.


And I’d made him a long-sleeve version of the below shirt for the fall, causing him to pitch a fit that he could not wear it right this very second, so of course we had to make a short-sleeve version.  Amusingly, he’s not really that into pirates, but he likes this fabric tremendously for some reason.  Another flocked Silhouette cutout of an anchor on the left sleeve.

The pattern originated as Ottobre’s 3/2011 short-sleeve t-shirt, but it’s been heavily, heavily modified over the past year.


The pirate rib is from The Fabric Fairy and I forget where I got the black interlock and the grey rib I used for binding.

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