Spoonflower Bunnies Fabric

Spoonflower Bunnies Toss Fabric

I got my fat quarter of my bunnies toss fabric and it looks great!  I also just made a smaller version of the pattern that will eventually be for sale too.  Continue reading Spoonflower Bunnies Fabric

Spoonflower Car & Camper

Been dying to do more with Spoonflower for years now, and I’m finally getting around to it.  Here’s a red car and teal camper based on a photo I took at an antiques fair a good while back.


Spoonflower Pomegranate

I did this one for the pomegranate contest.  I still have a lot to learn about how everything displays on Spoonflower – the zooms in particular are incredibly disappointing.  I really wish we had much more control over the zoom view; there is a ton of detail here that is impossible to really discern in the Spoonflower views, unfortunately.  And the design is large enough on the print that the details would certainly be visible on the fabric itself.  Frustrating.