Miscellany: Block Printing Fabric + a Kindle Cover

Amidst working on this endless romper pattern I am fiddling with other things.  Block printing some linen to use for one of said rompers, for instance, and making a Kindle cover based on this nice tutorial at Charm Stitch.

I added a flap closure rather than just a button-and-loop, so fluff wouldn’t get into the Kindle cozy thinger.  And I got to use some of my Spoonflower Pomegranate fabric, though it’s the older version of it – I’ve updated that design to be brighter.

Block Printing Fabric
Clouds printed on grey linen, and houses of ennui

Eventually I hope to put up some information on block printing on fabric – I’ve had a frustrating time of things with it and I’ve felt a bit let down by many of the tutorials out there that don’t cover what kinds of ink to use or what kinds of problems one might run into (of which there are many, it turns out.)  I think I’ve finally solved some ofthose problems, so when I get two minutes to rub together I’ll try to post something about it.

Kindle Cover
Kindle Cover/Cozy based on the Charm Stitch tutorial

The Charm Stitch tutorial was great.  I adapted it for different measurements, and I cut one piece of lining and one piece of the main fabric about two inches longer and curved the corners.  From there it’s more or less the same – sewing the pockets on, sewing the two pouches each together, then sewing all along the opening – pivoting to sew up around the flap – with right sides together, leaving the opening to turn.  Turn, press, topstitch; buttonhole, button.  The usual.  It came out nicely, I think.