striped stenzo shirt
This is, I am told, a “superhero move.”

I never buy the expensive Euro stuff. Except I did buy this orange-and-red striped Stenzo jersey from Banberry Place, which at $14.50/yard is a LOT for me.  But to say that my kid loves orange is a tremendous understatement.  In fact, I can guarantee you that you will see a GREAT DEAL OF ORANGE here if you return. And the price did get me to be less lazy and change to my twin needle for the hem, which always looks amazing when I bother to do it.

Anyway, the shirt turned out great and the kid loves it, so I suppose it may have been worth $14.50/yard.  Though I’m still not sure.  What I don’t get is why US producers can’t apparently make stripes this cool.  Just look at this amazing Campan stripe by Hilco – I mean, it’s just a damn stripe, but it’s a NICER stripe than we have here.  This is why Mini Boden is way cuter than our stuff.  I get all mad about this.

campan knit stripe
campan knit stripe at Banberry Place

Romper / Jon-jon / Shortalls

This is a pattern I’ve been working on for a bit, in a couple of variations.  This is the nearly-final 12m version – it needs a little more length in the body and I want to make a gusseted version, but otherwise I’m happy with the proportions.

I love the fabric.  It’s not a typical rib knit – it’s a little heavier and softer, and…knittier-feeling, for lack of a better term.  I wish I knew the technical term for it, but even if I did I don’t think I’d be able to find it more easily since I’ve never seen any seller refer to it as anything unusual.  One person calls it interlock while another says rib knit and as far as I can tell it’s kind of neither, but who knows?  Anyway, I’ve been able to find at least three stripes in this kind of fabric and I use them like mad.

It took me a few tries to figure out all the construction details.  Binding the neckline was no good, or at least not for me, with those narrow tabs.  It looked awful and bulky.  Perhaps a more experienced sewer could manage it, but while I still put the bound version on him, I cross my eyes at the binding every time.  Finally I settled on facing the top down to about two or three inches under the armpit, and interfacing just at the closure spots – interfacing the whole facing was a mistake on a small knit like this.

Eventually I’ll post the pattern here and more progress pictures.  It’s just marker on drawing paper, and I’d have to figure out how to scan it, but if anyone wants it I’ll put it on up.